A-MNEMONIC have a track record of composing, producing, arranging and re-recording the perfect music for our clients. We have an amazing roster of talent across all genres who are experienced in working across both long and short formats.  We have a background of working with advertising agencies, brands, TV companies, radio stations and film companies from all over the world; on all kinds of commercials, advertising campaigns, TV and entertainment shows both in the UK and overseas.

A-MNEMONIC have recently completed advertising projects for Gillette, Jaguar, Mercedes, Durex, eBay, Virgin Atlantic, Martini and Oxfam.  Also TV shows for BBC, Warner Bros, and ITV’s Love Island, 2Awesome and Dating in the Dark.


Our music supervision service is tailored for your clients on a project-by-project basis.  We have excellent relationships with all the major (and not so major) publishers and record companies around the world.

We are quick to advise whether a track is clearable; and can present your client with creative alternatives.  We will guide and advise you through this sometimes-tricky process – ensuring your clients obtain the correct consents and rights, including fee negotiation and formal licensing.

We’re intelligently curious and creative

...in our approach to music production. We never stop learning, trying new approaches and spotting trends from the world around us to keep our work fresh and engaging.

We’re experienced

At A-MNEMONIC, our team has bundles of experience composing, producing and arranging music in all genres of TV and film; as well as working with plenty of agencies and direct to a diverse range of brands.

We’re flexible

We’ll meet your needs because we’re as excited about your project as you are. We’ll do whatever it takes to hit deadlines and budgets, whatever the brief. In a world that’s full of ‘unique’ and ‘memorable’, we’ll give you ‘credible’ and ‘authentic’, too...