17 Jan A-MNEMONIC return with music theme on Channel 5’s controversial “One Night with My Ex “

A-MNEMONIC return with the theme music on Channel 5’s controversial “One Night with My Ex “

If you’re one of the many people who tune into ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ on Channel 5, then there’s a strong chance you’ve also seen at least a few minutes of ‘One Night With My Ex’ (Season 2). It’s not the usual dating show we’re all used to, with each episode seeing a former couple reunited for the evening, and it’s has got everyone at home talking again!

The show’s theme music, titles and bumpers were written by A-MNEMONIC’s producer and songwriter Andrei Basirov aka Sugar Jesus. Andrei and A-MNEMONIC are renown for writing the popular Love Island theme tune on ITV2.

This week’s show (16 January) saw Rosy and Joseph reunited – when it was revealed that they split because Joseph was unfaithful, he attempted to convince Rosy that “cheating is different for a girl”, before blaming her for the break-up. It’s no surprise that Rosy walked away!

One Night with My Ex continues next Tuesday at 10pm