27 Jul A-MNEMONIC Compose Music on Patrón spot for Golin NY

Oscar-nominated film director Guillermo del Toro, stars in the latest spot for Patrón tequila, which was created by Golin New York and the score was written by A-MNEMONIC Music.
Del Toro is best known for writing and directing hit films such as Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim; both Patrón and del Toro hail from Jalisco in Mexico and the two have joined forces to produce a dazzlingly packaged, limited-edition bottle and a campaign to go along with it.
Del Toro narrates over the film and tells the story of his Jalisco roots, his collaboration with Patrón, and the story of the creation of the famous tequila. In true dramatic del Toro style, we witness the ritual sacrifice of the agave, in an epic tale of artistry that begins in death, and ends in life.
The score was written by composer and violinist Adrian Leung of A-MNEMONIC, and composed exclusively for the film. The music sets the mood of the film and adds an element of foreboding, which helps tell the story of ritual sacrifice.