06 Aug High Stakes – ITV

Jarvis co-wrote the music and produced all sound design for ITV’s prime time game show, “High Stakes”.
The project included full sound direction for the hour long competitive show, including music cues for every lighting change, game introductions and segment changes.
There are sounds for the contestants rising through the platforms and going down beneath the set. There are often two or three music cues overlapping at any one time with the sound design and music integrating at all points. The music plays a vital part in building the suspense and jeopardy during the one-hour prime time ITV show.
The director of the show is Jonathan Bullen, Simon Cowell’s director of choice and has X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to his credits. Bullen and his team selected Toby Jarvis and Dave Reynaud to create more than 90 pieces of music and hundreds of sound effects for ITV new prime time autumn game show.
More about the show (from ITV):
Jeremy Kyle presents a brand new big money game show in which contestants use all their skill and nerve to try to win up to a half a million pounds. Players must try to cross the High Stakes grid, and the further they progress, the more cash they accumulate. However, along the grid is a series of traps, and if the contestants land on a trap they lose their money and must leave the game immediately. Luckily, they are given clues which will help them avoid the obstacles – but only if they can interpret the hints correctly.